Help pls (delink my steam id)


pls help me to delink my steam acc which is linked with wrong gmail plsss i couldnt able to play on sostronk…help!!!


Its not possible to disconnect Steam IDs once connected to SoStronk account. You can simply use “Login with Steam” on , go to Edit Profile and change your email address to the correct one.


3 sstrk this is what its showing


and when i try to connt my steam with a new sostronk id its show this


2 sstrk


pls tell me how can i fix this and play on sostronk again?


What is the alias of the new account you tried to connect Steam ID to? Its not visible in the screenshot.


new sostronk - xellos
my steam acc -
gmail -
pls do it…thank you!


This was happening because you had another account with alias Xe11os which your Steam ID is connected to.

I have requested another verification email for that account to the email you have mentioned above. Please use that and verify your account.


oh yeah sry…thz for figuring out…thx alot


Cool, have fun!