Hackers galore on Sostronk


AcidWow is banned.


jonsnow is banned.


Here’s another one
_G_Satan guy walling and clear aim assist. Round 7,10, 18. Clear aim assists in round 25 26 29 30. Indian scream apaprently.
his sostronk id : https://www.sostronk.com/user/_G_Satan
Playing right now,




but how unbanned this xender guy ?


Just another day at SoStronk.
Pug link : https://www.sostronk.com/pug/6304292423598080
Sanskaar : Round 6 obvious aimlock. Toggling throughout the game.
naruto007 : Round 1,9,14 and 26. Aimlocks as well. @akS


sunnycreado : Open walling. Just watch round 4.
his sostronk id : https://www.sostronk.com/user/sunnycreado
He abandoned the pug after I confronted him and told him he would get banned from sostronk for walling.


done with sostronk.


user: https://www.sostronk.com/user/dirty_gamer
game: https://www.sostronk.com/pug/6171284752302080
This guy was intelligently toggling wall hacks.

Rounds which i found were obvious:
round1: ct pistol kill against Jamesbong
round 11: asking his teammate on ingame voice_com to turn on or not.
round 12: he actually turns on. Notice that the moment he turns on his aim goes shaky at that moment.

Please take some action.


No one is bothered now bro.
One of the guys I reported above, that Sanskaar guy, he got banned 12 days after I reported him and I’d encountered him like 3 4 times already in pugs until he got banned. Spoiled each and every pug!
Another guy, he got vac banned yet no one bothered on sostronk. :sweat_smile:
So basically we don’t know anything cuz they don’t release a “public ban-list” :grinning:


I wonder how that happened when no one bothered.

There is no action needed here. VAC banned players cannot play on VAC enabled servers.

Its being worked on right now, with couple of other things (such as anticheat). Releases take time because we have a very small dev team.

Although, let me take this opportunity to share some stats-

  • 15 players banned in the last week
  • 50 players banned during last 30 days
  • 145 players banned since July 1

Clearly, no one is bothered.


I could swear I knew i would get a swift reply to this :rofl:
Only if you’d do the same with all the reports I and my friends put up knowing you guys have your hands full with other stuff, watching the demos and pointing out all the shady stuff, we wouldn’t have to face the same blatant hackers over and over again in pugs and I hope you do realize 12 days is a lot for a player to be blatantly walling for a platform as big as yours after being reported manually. The least you can do is ban the players who have been made out after watching their demos and atleast watching the stated rounds where it’s all blatant right away after you review them yourself or is that too much to ask from a regular subscriber who’s tired of all this stuff?


Since you have said you have very small team so meanwhile why dont you hire some trusted community players as demo reviewers or cheating experts and give them sostronk points or something on successful review and ban of a cheater. This would atleast reduce your burden and make the platform atleast better than what it is now in terms of fair play.


Which is exactly why we are working on the anticheat. To reduce that 12 days we need to take the time spent on anticheat and spend that on reviewing demos, which increases the already large number of days that it will take for the anticheat to be released. Do you want that to happen? We don’t.

Hmm we don’t? Here’s a refresher Hackers galore on Sostronk

Expecting that we ban EVERY player you report and that too in just a day or two is too much to ask for something that has not been explicitly promised. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Service-level_agreement


Beware that weapon has limited ammo :wink:


Well we’ve considered that, but its easier said than done. @akS , @bleh and @Aequitas can elaborate on that.


https://www.sostronk.com/user/destroyall hacker name @shaan7 @JamesbonG
Just see his last mirage pugs last rounds :slight_smile: