Hackers galore on Sostronk


The state of SoStronk pugs has never been worse for past the 2+ years I’ve been playing it. From the past few days, there has not been 1 pug which hasn’t had fishy players with below 500 hours of game-play who are apparently Gods at the game
(only in pugs though PogChamp). The .report function hasn’t been working efficiently so far. Appreciate all the other updates you guys have come up with but an anti-cheat is an essential need of the hour.


We already know that but the only existing 3rd party AntiCheat (EAC) doesn’t offer any support and its not a matter of a few months to write our own.


I’ve never really felt the need to make threads about hackers but this time around, it was way too much. I’ve been following you guys for a very long time and I know you guys are working on it without rest but If there’s still time I feel like the .report function needs to be more efficacious as the only alternative I can think of is the .kick function which was discontinued. It’s actually a nuisance for us and for you as well when you have all 5 players spamming the .report to no avail.


We actually discussed about it and the reason you (and lot others) feel .report “doesn’t work” is because we don’t have a public suspect and ban list. Our review team review dozens of demos every week and players are banned, its just that you guys don’t find about it as we don’t have announcements.


First of all, I never said your .report “doesn’t work” , I said it’s not working efficiently. You misquoted me!
Secondly, I can only talk about myself (and not others), I’d know if the guy i reported got banned because it’s the sweetest. As I saw a thread a few days back, I could give the links of 3 4 people atleast who I played against who were fishy as fuck but this is becoming a regular nuisance now! Can’t think of anything other than an anti-cheat cleaning the pests.




I know James, it can be infuriating. We are improving our .report system as I type this. The bans won’t be instant, the bans might take a week, maybe more because at the end of the day they are manual. If you feel someone is absolutely blatant, you can always post about them here. Thos are taken care of within few hours.

There are times when a guy has played 20 pugs with a new/smurf account. He is reported because he has a new account, we end up reviewing his reported games because people just feel someone is hacking with 100 hours and find nothing, absolutely nothing. Maybe your ‘hunch’ might be right or might be wrong, and we really don’t care. We will review everything that has made it to our list but the “wrong reports” end up taking time before we reach the right ones.

We have figured out a way to fix this to a certain extent, and will be implementing in the next few days. Again, if you find someone blatant, post here and we take care of it asap.


Kudos! SoStronk cleansing has finally sped up! :grinning:


Multiple hackers in just one pug.
Indian niko! Please do the needful.
Here’s another.
Trying to stayStronk :sweat_smile:


Already banned this guy.

In review.


cancer and magnus from this match . https://www.sostronk.com/pug/6049106471944192

magnus often cheats ; I reported him before ; cancer is newguy . please ban them .


MAGNUS is bot as fuck, his gameplay gave me cancer anyway


not really sure if Magnus hacks. Don’t know about the other guy. Download and watch the demo and help the admins by specifying the rounds, they’ll review and ban him right away if he’s hacking. They just won’t ban him on speculations.


Good for nothing hacking. Just watch round 8 of the pug i’ve mentioned above.
His sostronk id : https://www.sostronk.com/user/good_for_n0thing
Acidwow walling as well : Round 12 and round 14, you can clearly see him scouting enemies through the wall. Round 30 clear aim assist.
His sostronk id : https://www.sostronk.com/user/AciDwow


Thig guy has been using aim assist for like a long time. Played a few pugs with him before where he confessed to using them himself. https://www.sostronk.com/pug/6163345253597184
In a live pug right now.
@shaan7 help bro.


First you ask us to tell you guys the rounds and everything and when we do, you aren’t even taking any actions.
And at the end of the day it’s just a bad experience to play on sostronk, while gaming is spoiled at most.


Scroll up, Hackers galore on Sostronk

I do agree it feels like we’re not taking action even though we are. Thats why we are working on releasing a public ban-list soon.


what about the 3 new one’s I’ve mentioned?


Not like it matters but here’s another hacker https://www.sostronk.com/user/jonsnow .
https://www.sostronk.com/pug/6068301418987520 blatantly hacking. Sostronk is almost like Dubai matchmaking right now, atleast one hacker every alternate game.
@akS I’ve reported at least 4 profiles above. Please check.



Ack for all the reports, we will start reviewing these from tomorrow. Thanks for the one where you have mentioned the rounds. Will be nice if you can add to the other reports as well, makes the ban hammer swift.