Elo/Ranking System



Hello can someone tell me about elo or ranking system?
I am “king cobra” is that good? i want to know if is any pro league here or semi-pro league… becose when i pug i play with mg1 and dmg… and i just want to know if is any way that i can rank up here or which is the best rank here…
Thank you!


You can check out the ranks here https://www.sostronk.com/blog/revamped-pug-matchmaking-ranks


Nice :slight_smile: but i don’t see any pro league or semi-pro league or Pugmaster is the pro league? :smiley:


There is no League as such, but there are leaderboards. You can have a look here https://www.sostronk.com/leaderboards/

The ‘pro league’ is our upoming SoStronk next which is right now invite only. But you can qualify for it by topping our leaderboards.


K thanks!
I really want to be in the 'pro league’
Thankss! :smiley: i will start grind :stuck_out_tongue:


How do i get invite? :smiley: because is so boring to grind… i play only against mg1/2 xD i am lvl 10 on faceit… played in leagues… any way that i can get a invite? :slight_smile: <3


Invites are only given to players who have played in professional teams and have achievements of note under their belt.


I have some achievments… but idk if you take me in:(


whether top 10 leaderboards can join rank next ? i’m current top 8


If u want to join next pugs then u should be in top 30