DreamScream The famous hacker of Kolkata


DEMOLINK - https://www.sostronk.com/pug/6544493653786624

4th round > keeps waiting for the guy above palace, he doesnt even make any sound.
After killing him, he tries hes trying to go for jungle engagement with awper but as soon as he sees in his walls that the stairs guy is about to peek him, he immediately changes his aim on last moment to stairs. On watching at 6% speed, the shot clearly is an aimbot and not a drag. at normal speed it may look like a drag but its a low fov aim assistance if seen at 6% speed. Even at 1/15th of normal speed the shot speed is so fast and its not a drag as seen at such low speed. its no scope aim assistance.
Then after that he carelessly runs towards ct and straight away aims at market door for the ct coming out. he opens his scope in his mid air jump and aims exactly towards the ct, again if we see his shot at 6% speed its not a drag but no scope aim assitance towards the middle of the body again. but misses the shot as the ct was on the move towards his right, and the bullet registered on the ct’s original position at the time of shooting. Since the ct was on the move and running sideways to the right, the aim assitance failed. But the shot cud be seen again at 6% speed that its not a drag but a no scope aim assist.
5th round> clear case of walling, keeps sitting at chair for 20 odd seconds and waits for short guy to peek, but when he sees hes not coming…smarly comes into connector taking his p250 out as he knows no one is near by. when he sees there is a guy at ct undertollbooth watching connector thru his walls, he smarly goes towards the right of connector and takes his awp out and aims straight towards him, misses his body as the ct was on a move towards his left and got saved by the wall. again he turns back and watches with his walls if any1 has peeked short or not yet. he sees the short guy is still not in his zone, so turns back and straight away aims towards the triple box at A as he knew thru his walls that the Ct who was at toll booth is not at triple and going to peek him, he never saw or heard the ct guy going towards triple still he pre aims towards triple. after mising the shot on him he turns again towards b short and this time he pre aims towards the right side of short and not the left as he knows trhu his walls that the short guy is on the right now and then kills him.
6th round > was rushing towards A palace carelessly and immediately sees a player thru his walls that was still in mid air coming towards A palace. and immediately pulls out his awp and moves towards the side and pre fires the rushing ct in the palace. AGain after killing the guy at ramp, altho we cant say clearly if it was a normal kill or he used the walls as bomb was dropped at A ramp and it was expected that a ct may be nearby but immediately after killing him, he never uses his awp and uses p250 and straight away goes to take bomb even tho c4 was down much earlier and there cud have been many more CTs anywhere nearby at A ramp, sandwich, stairs etc. But he never checks any spot and casually takes the c4 with a p250 in his hand as he knew using his walls that no1 else was watching A ramp now. On any other round hes always checking all the angles etc using his awp whenevr a ct is there but not this time. Again at B short he pre aims and when looked at 6.8% speed, the shot clearly is again a aim assitance shot on to the chest. All his aim assitance shots are always onto the chest/middle of the body. Even tho his aim was around the waist of ct when the ct peeked but his shot always registers at the chest and his aim sruggs off like a normal aim botter as soon as he fires the shot. And yet again in the last shot on logi, his aim was on the legs of logi when he scoped in, but when he shoots, it registers on the exact same spot as last time i.e. on the middle of the chest again again pointing out to the lov fov aim bot being used by him.
8th round > was holding b house with an awp, and this time also his aim was on the lower part of the body of ct, shoots and again hits the exact middle of the chest, not one pixel right not 1 pixel left like every other kill of his clearly stating the low fov aim assistance being used by him. Always watch his shots at 6.8% speed, thats 1/15th of the orignal speed and even a blind will be able to note down his lov fov aim bot being used only while using awp, and all his drag/quick scope shots always, always registers at the middle of the chest only. not even a pixel left or right veen when his aim is on legs or the head of an opponent. The 2nd kill on AceF is again the shot at the exact same position of the body, middle of the chest, for you to notice this u have to watch at the speed i have told u. Its clear aim assitance, his aim was around the legs and suddenly his shot registers exactly at the middle of the chest.
11th round > was holding b house with an awp, and this time also his aim was on the lower part of the body of ct, shoots and this time also he hits the middle of the body but as the ct was on a move towards the right side, it catches him on the left side of the chest and not the middle of the chest but the intended shot and tracer was exactly towards the middle of the chest again like any other kills mentioned in previous rounds, if the ct wasnt on move it would hv hit him exactly the same place i.e middle of the chest like every other round. Again the 2nd kill on AceF, exactly the same position he hits him, middle of chest, altho his aim was on the head of the opponent, but when he fires, the aim bot comes into play and the bullet hits the exact same spot as always. Even the 3rd kill on flamez, is the exact same, middle of the chest same position. not even a pixel left or right as always. This low fov aim assistance is good. The only time he misses that exact spot on the body of an opponnet is whenever the opponnet is moving sidewards without crouching or shift walking or jumping with crouching or shift.
13th round > again was holding b, hits the drag/no scope aim assist shot on the barrel guy at van again at the same chest position exactly the same place on the body. The shot seen at 6% speed is so so fast even at that speed that even guardian, kennys and fallen will feel gutted. Again the last kill in the round, again the same thing, exactly middle of body on the middle of the chest. I dont even know how this guy is still playing on sostronk even after such clear Aim botting.
14th round > His aim is on the bottom of the feet of the opponent at CT base, still shoots a drag/aim assist shot and hits him at the middle of the chest exactly the same place as other shots. Its clear, Blatant and very smart but people with common sense get easily understand whats going on here. Again the 2nd kill on famezf, his aim was on the right side of opponent’s head, shoots as soon as he jumps and touches the floor, and the shots registers at the exact same position, the middle of the chest of the CT. Again the last kill of AceF, same thing, exact same thing.
15th round > 1st kill on Logi at b short, logi goes past his aim and is on the left of his aim, he shoots and gets the kill on logi exactly in the middle of the chest again, no wonder whats going on here.
Thats just the T side here we are talking about. I think i have given enough evidence here of him aim botting with awp. This guy is never seen on any lan events. No history. No lan tourneys won or played. Been in teams whose players have got vac banned earlier also, Team Awesome5 and Team Revolution/Evolution i dont remeber the exact name. He lives in kolkata and claims he plays from cafe and always plays from lan, but many professional players from Kolkata from jmd and goutfits have claimed they have never seen him play on lan or in any local tourneys. Also worth mentioning is, the exact same hack is being used by Loafer, his teammate in all his previous teams and also from kolkata and another person who is never seen on lan and claims to be 2nd best team in kolkata but no pros have seen them play/perform on lan. If u see loafer’s pugs, he does the exact same things. Exactly the same. Chest shots only and such fast drags which look normal even at 1/15th of the demo speed. Clean the community. I have been watching their demos from 2 months now regularly and analyzing this thing. U take any demo of these two players, u ll find the exact same thing which i have pointed out in above rounds. Low fov aim bot which they use only with Awp, and always hits middle of the chest of the opponent. For this to be noticed u have to watch the shots at 6.8% speed which is the lowest speed apart from 3.4% at which the frames stutter. Thanks.


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