Clicking on Logout crashes the app / Can't change my user ID


Every time i click on logout my app crashes after the latest updates. Also there is some persistent login from my old ID that is always there when i start the app.

I want to switch to my secondary ID but it’s always logged in when i start the app and i can’t really click on Logout without crashing the app each time. Therefore i am stuck with the same old ID.

Please disable this persistent login from your backend so that i can atleast input my desired ID and login to the app OR fix the crash - which ever is easier.


We are investigating this problem. Join #support-feedback on SoStronk discord and message me there


The app kept on crashing for the next few days. When i finally did read your reply to check it worked and i could logout and log back in. I’ll do as you have said if it does crash again though.

Thanks anyways!

PS: There is another post/ticket i have opened for a wall hacker in the pugs (i have dled the demo and all and he really was hacking, would be good for all if you could ban at the earliest)


what the … RIP my chances of fixing it :sob:


wait a minute, its back. I did what you had asked initially with the HELP button.