Challenger #1 Registration


Thanks for being mature about this guys. We will considering pushing it up to 16 teams the next time around.


Team Born To Kill B2K


May I know the reason why we are not confirmed registration ?
As we were already present in the previous list .

Team link

Also we have our profiles completed and our steam id’s are also linked


We have an update. NECKBREAK’s acceptance into Challenger #1 is being withdrawn due to a ongoing issue and therefore the new list of teams accepted into Challenger #1 is:



Team Name - Risingstars


Team Name - Risingstars


You do not have a full roster register.


Thanks for posting, but the registering for Challenger #1 is already complete


Hi @Ar0n and @FragSauce could you please add me on steam?
It will help us coordinate you for the matches.


Thank you for the heads up.


Team Name - BLAME IT ON.

Team Profile Link -




You’re already there on my list Nemz. I’m Akeldama.


Sorry mate. Registrations are already closed. Definitely try Challenger #2


Lets go practice with our team we can arrange the time add my steam if you want murphy ( my Profile picture is cloud 9 )


Team name : HeadShot Gaming