Challenger #1 Registration



This is the thread for Challenger #1 registration.

The team captain must post here with team name and the link to their complete team page (including the full roster) as the registration entry. Posting here also means that you have read and agreed to the T&C of the tournament.


  • Have all 5 members registered on
  • Have a team created on with all 5 members in the team
  • Have a team logo uploaded onto the team page
  • Have all players upload a good profile picture
  • Have all players connect their SteamID to SoStronk Alias

Again, the full announcement is here and the T&C is here. Make sure you have read it thoroughly. Particularly, we will not be showing leniency with time. So keep that in mind.

Also, we are working on the ability to add a sub to the team. This will be enabled in the next few days, so you can do it once we announce the feature.





Team Name : ExeCuTioN.IND


Team Name - Brutality.

Team Profile Link -


Team link :
Team name : Spartan Elite Force
Thank You!! :smile:


Name : Gam3 In BlooD
Link :


tMg’s registration is noted. There is a problem with the captain’s user account and we are working towards fixing it


Name : Imperium5
Link :



@others: please read the rules. Need your roster to have proper profile pictures. We will confirm registration only after that


Team name : Team Intense


tell if we got registered !!!


Can you please confirm whether we are registered or not ?


Team name : zR Gaming


We will be confirming registrations soon


Team name : Kosenrufu

Team profile link:


When will we get to know Vuns?
Akhil here btw.


We are in right vuns???



Was first, had to repost. Q.Q


Team name - ProNoobs
Team Profile link -