Can I play pug and sostronk next?


I live in japan.
pug system is not working. Because it had not made match for hour.
I cant play pug. Why it doesnt work for me?


Hi @HoT_Chocol4tE,

We are still working on deploying the SoStronk Next platform (its not 1st August in our location yet), we expect it will be ready some time around 6 AM UTC.


ok. I understood.
But how do I join the sostronk next?
Are you giving it? paying money? or cant join?


Its an invite only process for season 1. The players are already selected, they are all pro(s) for the most part. For future seasons, you can be picked out by the player panel OR you have to climb through the silver and gold leaderboards and top 3 in gold are automatically promoted to Next.

More information here:


I want to play pug. So I click pug button but App said 404 page not found.
What should I do?


@HoT_Chocol4tE its because your app isn’t updated wait for it to update automatically and restart by its own (experienced same today morning) :slight_smile:


@HoT_Chocol4tE yeah same thing happen with me in the morning. After the update, it is running fine and there is a problem in selecting maps preferences.



Read this, you will have all your answers about SoStronk Next.


@pandaa1 you still having issues with map preferences?


@shaan7 , no my friend. It is fixed. Thanks to you guys. :+1: