Blatant wallers in pug



Please look into the blatant wallers in the pug - This one is the alt id of vac banned and sstk banned user RupZ.
user/AlexDaGawd3 - blatant waller - started in round 8 (cannot put more than two links).

Hope you are going to implement subscriber vs subscriber only mm soon.

Also, had to throw a pug in which RupZ was blatantly walling, hope you will disregard reports of griefing for that pug. :slight_smile: (pug/6588300042698752)


Found more profiles of the same guy :slight_smile:

He is abusing the system without any remorse. Hope to see banhammer soon.


Please always use the in-game .report option to report players as it goes to an automated system for classification. Reports given here will take a long time for us to start reviewing, but we will try our best.

#4 is now banned.


Thanks for the action. Actually, I used the ingame .report function, just thought to give some additional info here.


his sostronk name is rnl