Allowing Demos of PUGs


Quite a many times we all do some wonderful stuffs which many either don’t record or many doesn’t even know how to record.

It would be a nice move if we are allowed to fetch the demos of the pugs (Only the once, which are completely played) with the voices as well (if possible).


  1. Easy to promote more videos on the game-plays on the sostronk servers.
  2. Easy to catch hold of griefers, abuses, ragers, toxic players and hackers(if any) and report them to the fellow admins so that they can ban them.
  3. A even happier sostronk family :smiley:

I don’t see any cons on this if I consider only us, the players, not sure about the data usages issue faced by you guys.

Please help us on this if possible. Thanks!


We will be launching this feature (and lots more) soon! Keep your eyes peeled

CC @kunalp


Great to know that mate, Thumbs Up!! :smile:


You are welcome!


It will be a revolutionary update for Sostronk.
So thumbs up for this topic.


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a person is currently spinbotting in our server on mubai deathmatch, i didnt know where else to report him his steam is this :