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@jartz Yes, since you have made your inventory public you will be receiving the skin within 24 hours. Moreover, ensure that your trade URL is up to date on your SSTK profile. once you have done the needful please reply back here and we will be sending the skin along.


@Fett1 yaa i have updated my trade url and made my inventory public also…so u can send me the skin…and thank u for helping… :slight_smile:


not recieved yet


@Fett1 plz give me some reply… i have not got my items till now


can you guys please bring back bl server? banglore was the only serve I had decent ping, please guys suggest/help me :confused:


Hi @waamm1kJESUS I’m afraid the Bangalore servers won’t be back for quite some now due to operational issues.


hey i dont understand why have i been shifted to silver ranking that too on no.19. I was on 7th rank in Gold ranking was trying my best to come in top 3 but after this thing Im quite upset with sostronk.


Hey @ServerGuy can you check this please? ^


You are on Gold leaderboard rank 13 if am not wrong.


can anyone help me out for my cooldown… i completed my match and went offline… now its showing 14hours cooldown… please do the needful guys !


because you are a bot mohin… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @rav3n1

Are you talking about https://www.sostronk.com/pug/4776948718370816? Am reviewing the demo to see what happened.


Yes ! this was my last finished game… and then i got a cooldown.


@rav3n1 We’ve removed your cooldown. This is a bug which happens when everyone leaves a server before game end. We’ll be pushing out a fix soon.


thank you Mr Kunal. have a Good Day!


Kunal again i got a cooldown man! i didn’t quit the game this time bro!




bro m nt able to log in to sstnk app
it shows some file is missing …
i tried reinstalling app but nothing…


Can you post a screenshot of the error here?


I would like to know why I am being put in Mumbai servers where my ping is 100 instead of SG where I get at the max 80 (usually 60-70). Will a server selector like FaceIt be incorporated in SoStronk in the future. Pls this is necessary as for the last few days I’mm only getting Mumbai servers where players have 5 ping and it’s really annoying to play with 100 against 5.