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@Nemz ^


Hey shaan7, i am sorry for the inconvenience but i actually solved it by simply changing the team name, settings, etc to my new team name. I kicked all the previous members and will be adding them by tomorrow. That is ok right?


That is fine.



please BAN BAN BAN :blush:


some one please help me im not able to login with my id in sostronk website it saying everytime this (Your email address has not been verified, please check your inbox for a validation email from us.) and when i check my mail there is nothing from sostronk to confirm help me :frowning:


I don’t have a stable internet since last week and it caused me to Auto disconnect from the server. I came back online in only a few minutes but still got banned. Please solve such issues if players are not leaving purposefully and still getting banned.


How do you suggest the system detect if someone left purposefully or not? Also, you should’ve got a cooldown, not a ban. If you did get a ban instead of a cooldown please let us know.


hello, the new sostronk app’s market tab is glitched, when i open the market tab the browse market doesn’t appear and lines are unfinished.


Thanks for the report, we’re on it!


@Vertex028 is it better with today’s update?



i also have another concern, when playing pug the server IP doesn’t appear again after disconnecting in my case i had a problem with my PC for which i had to log off from my PC and log in again but the copied IP was lost so i wasn’t able to rejoin the match within the time limit, so can you please set it up so that it shows match IP after disconnecting everytime.
Thanks for replying BTW!


That feature is actually there, you should see the PUG button become a JOIN button if you are part of an active PUG. Did that not happen for you?


nopes, it kept blinking saying something like “cooldown expiring in 3 minutes” and there was no join button anywhere.


Got it, i’ll give it a look today and fix it, thanks for the report!


Ok and just a minute ago my SoStronk app crashed after a PG match, no explainable reason whatsoever


m unable to login through app?


What error do you get @shocck007 ? Note that SoStronk alias is case sensitive (so shaan7 is not the same as Shaan7)


wtf is this please some one remove this CD from my account i search for a game and i got the game i accept and copy the ip from app and trying to join but im not able to join that sv idk why its saying trying trying in consol and its ok if i got cd for 30 min or 2hrs but why 12 hrs ? every time last time i got cd 7 days befor and still 12 hrs i mean wtf please remove the cd from my account pleaseeeeeeeeeeee


@shaan7 @R3STLEZZ @Sh0x2 @Vertex028 @Ad1tya pleaseeeeeeeeee guys remove cd of my account it was not my fault


i purchased tec 9 toxic but its still showing purchase pending and i have not recieved my skin. i came to know later that we have to keep inventory public. so now i have done it . plz can u make sure i get my skin.