Able to join a server without the EAC activated?



Hello, i wonder if there is a bug with the EACheat because me and all my friends are able to play on the server without installing or activating the anti cheat … This is kinda a problem especialy for a plateform of esport like sostronk which try to rival with faceIt / Cevo / Esea. So now we are not sure if we are going to stay or not until the problem is fixed so that we can be sure to trust every game we play.

I would like to know if yes or no it’s normal and if not when will it be resolved :slight_smile:

What anti cheat does sstk use?

They won’t give a flying fuck about this.
They know this bug from a long time.
All the hackers play without EAC and its unfair for legit players .
If they make EAC mandatory half of the customers and players will move to MM or non protected servers like D2D OR Playtonia

SoStronk is fueled by hackers so no use, I don’t see them fixing this bug.

Ill probably get banned for talking the truth here.


Hi @Lufen

We had started using EasyAntiCheat for our servers some time back but they have stopped supporting the integration (probably they’re not that interested in CS:GO anymore) so we had to stop using it. We will be removing EAC from the installer soon to avoid the confusion.

Meanwhile we have started working on our own AntiCheat because there just isn’t any 3rd party AntiCheat that we could license.

EAC? Problems Europe?

Unfortunately its not our decision, we have attempted to follow up with EasyAntiCheat a dozen of times, they simply don’t respond.

How do you know that? We don’t have a good anticheat, but we’d rather spend time on that than sitting and banning someone for “speaking the truth”. Sheesh.


When the Anticheat is going online in europe?


Right now we are aggressively working on getting our AntiCheat to a good level so that we can launch in EU. However we don’t have an ETA yet.


Anticheat? When?


Its being worked on, but we don’t have a public ETA yet.


KK im sry but then me and my european friends not playing sostronk. its a nice sytem but to many bugs and cheaters! Its like playing gaben mm


@1nce We do not have official EU servers anyway. We will be sending out a newsletter to all our EU players once we launch in EU with a custom anti cheat. Stay tuned!


Waited untill now…when its coming to europe?


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