7 days cooldown again im posting


this time 7 days cooldown…i admit when I had accepted I was not able to join server because of my powercut…but the last 3times when I got cooldown server error had occur…i had requested u too please look into the matter and remove past records…please consider it this is the 1st time I didn’t join server only because of my fault…but last 3 cooldowns I was not able to join server only…please help me with this cooldown…Iam not able to play because of it…few days back also I had suggested it…last 3 times had a server error and was not able to join please help me with this ban…ill be grateful and help with the past cool down records…
just now I read xemptus issue…same issue was occurring with me so plz consider it this is the 1st time I got a ban for my fault please help


I found one invalid disconnect, I’ve canceled that. Your cooldown is now level 4 for 3 days.


Bro aaisai 2 cooldown lage thai…jhut nahi bolunga…history check kar le…2 server join hi nahi hua tha isliye…but woh clientport ka issue hua tha isliye level 3 ka hona chahiye sach sach bolunga…1 day cooldown deserve karta hun…plz check kar le chahiye toh wapas…help me if possible i assure nahi hoga wapas…


Thats what I said, we only cancel server-side issues (For example FaceIT has a similar rule https://support.faceit.com/hc/en-us/articles/207956789-CS-GO-Connect-Retry-Errors)