7 day cooldown even after completing the game wtf?


i got 7 days cooldown even after completing the whole match please look into my matter


I don’t see any cooldown for your account, it might’ve got auto canceled by our cleanups. Let me know.


Ya its gone .i thought u resloved …btw thaks :slight_smile:


I again got a cooldown

Again got 7 day cd after completing match

Can you describe the scenario please. When did you disconnect, when you came back and till what round you were there. Please double check with the PUG demo, it’ll make it faster for us to review your cooldown.


I disconnected due to lag and i rejoined aftr 2 mins and during the match
it says i got a cooldown and i was still playing :frowning:


Its fixed now, completing a PUG will reset your cooldown as normal.